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How Different Industries Use Dry Ice Blasting

How Different Industries Use Dry Ice Blasting

Today we will review the manners in which various industries make use of dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting is an effective cleaning procedure that many industries can benefit from using. Different industries have different areas that will need cleaning, so the benefits they get from ice blasting will vary slightly. Today we will review the manners in which various industries make use of dry ice blasting.

Aerospace Industries

Electrically charged areas are well-suited to use dry ice blasting because the CO2 pellets of dry ice used in the cleaning process won’t conduct any electricity. This keeps all of your employees safe, while still allowing you to clean as effectively as possible.

You can clean many spots in an aerospace facility by using this cleaning method. Such spots include control panels, sealants, wiring, carbon materials, and aviation grease.

Automotive Operations

The automotive industry has its own uses for dry ice blasting. It’s handy for cleaning pieces of warehouse equipment, such as fans, saws, and cranes. Some people choose to clean control gauges, presses, and injection mold machines in the same manner. Even if you simply need to clean the walls and floors of your workplace, ice blasting can be of service to you.

Food Processing Operations

Sometimes, grease and dirt can really get cemented onto the equipment that prepares your food. To ensure your equipment is kept clean, ice blasting can get rid of these stubborn messes. You don’t even have to worry about food getting contaminated in the process because the CO2 pellets used in dry ice blasting don’t contaminate the food, or even the equipment used to prepare it.

Petroleum and Oil Field Operations

Oil is a slippery and dirty substance, and that means it can cause any number of safety and health concerns. Any oilfield equipment you have will need to get cleaned frequently so that you can remove all of the chemicals and acids that would otherwise corrode the machinery.

Dry ice blasting is so efficient that even oil stains won’t stand a chance. Even stubborn messes will come out without trouble. You won’t even need to concern yourself about damaging the equipment because ice blasting isn’t abrasive against the surfaces it cleans. You can even use ice blasting without turning machinery off, allowing your facility to run more effectively by minimizing downtime.

Printing and Packaging

Using dry ice blasting, you can clean ink boxes, trays, rollers, and conveyors with ease. You don’t even have to disassemble anything to clean them, which makes ice blasting more convenient.

It’s also useful because you can clean messes such as paper dust, oils, and grease that pile up rather quickly. It is much quicker than if you tried manually scraping off all of the messes yourself.

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