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Reasons to Pick Dry Ice Blasting Over Sand Blasting

Reasons to Pick Dry Ice Blasting Over Sand Blasting

Here are reasons why dry ice blasting should be used instead of sand blasting.

Over time, any business is going to accumulate dirt and debris. When this happens, you’ll want to know which cleaning method is best to deal with your mess. When thinking of ways to clean your business, there are two cleaning options that may come to mind, which are dry ice blasting and sand blasting. Between these two options, we feel that dry ice blasting is the preferred one overall. Here are reasons why dry ice blasting should be used instead of sand blasting.

Dry Ice is Less Abrasive Than Sand

When you’re cleaning surfaces, you need to consider not just the cleaning materials you use, but the surfaces you’re cleaning as well. The problem with sand blasting is that sand is an abrasive material that can scratch and scrape surfaces. Not only can this impact your business’s appearance, but it can also be dangerous if you’re using sand blasting near electrical components.

With dry ice blasting, you don’t have this issue. This cleaning method is much less abrasive, making it safe to use on whatever surfaces need to be cleaned. Your business will also be left in a more pleasant-looking condition.

Dry Ice Blasting is a Safer Option

Electrical components are just some of the safety risks that pop up when you clean your building using sand blasting. You also have to worry about sand particles being launched at high speeds, which can become dangerous to be around. You also don’t want to inhale the sand particles that are being blasted.

Dry ice blasting is a safer option by comparison. Keep in mind that dry ice can still be harmful when it makes contact with skin, and you need to be aware of changes in atmospheric conditions when you’re in poorly ventilated areas because it can become difficult to breathe. For these reasons, we advise letting professionals handle dry ice blasting on your behalf.

Dry Ice Blasting Has Less Cleanup Than Sand Blasting

Sand blasting can get messy after the cleaning process is finished, as ironic as it may sound. While it does a great job at removing dirt and debris from surfaces, the areas that get cleaned will be covered in sand, which then needs to be removed. This means it takes more time for your business to get back into top shape.

When you decide to go with dry ice blasting, there is practically no post-blasting cleanup. This way, your business can resume normal operations almost immediately after the blasting process has been finished.

Choose AEG Environmental for Your Dry Ice Blasting Services

We are a trusted team of ice blasting service technicians. Whether you have a hazardous mess to clean up, or you simply need a solution for general cleanup around your business, call us today and get the best and most efficient ice blasting services in the area!

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