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The Dangers of DIY Dry Ice Blasting

The Dangers of DIY Dry Ice Blasting

Today, we’ll be going over dangers that dry ice blasting presents, and why it could be safer to hire professional help with the task.

Businesses need to stay hygienic throughout the day, and one cleaning method businesses utilize is dry ice blasting. This cleaning method is highly effective because it can be used on active machinery, it’s practically free of post-cleanup maintenance since there’s no leftover residue, and it deals with even the most stubborn stains you could encounter.

There is a drawback that comes with dry ice blasting, however, and that drawback is the dangers that can come with the cleanup method. Today, we’ll be going over dangers that dry ice blasting presents, and why it could be safer to hire professional help with the task.

Dry Ice Can Burn You

For those who don’t  know, dry ice is actually carbon dioxide, but in frozen form. In order for it to remain frozen, it must remain at temperatures of -109 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, which is far from a suitable temperature for humans to touch.

Dry ice is incredibly dangerous to touch with bare skin. If dry ice comes into contact with your skin, frostbite occurs almost instantly, and in some scenarios, the damage can become irreversible. Professional dry ice blasting companies will come with all of the protective equipment that’s needed to handle dry ice safely.

Dry Ice Can Cause Suffocation

When carbon dioxide is in a gaseous state, it occupies more space than it would as a liquid or solid. Sometimes, it will even displace oxygen in the nearby area, especially for anyone working in an area that doesn’t get good ventilation.

Humans are unable to breathe carbon dioxide, and when carbon dioxide suddenly goes airborne, it displaces any oxygen that was present in the atmosphere, which can cause people to suffocate if they stick around for too long.

Hiring a professional dry ice blasting technician is your best bet to avoid this possibility. When you hire professional help to deal with your dry ice blasting tasks, they will show up with all of the protective gear that’s needed during the entire blasting process. This helps to keep them safe during blasting, while keeping you safe since you can avoid being exposed to the carbon dioxide yourself.

Choose AEG Environmental for Your Dry Ice Blasting Services

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