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Risks an Oil Spill Presents to Your Business

Risks an Oil Spill Presents to Your Business

Here are the problems your business could end up facing if you have an oil spill.

Some people may think that an oil spill will only be a concern if the spill is massive in scale. This is not the case. Even smaller oil spills can be dangerous, and if a company isn’t ready to contain them, there could be serious problems. Here are the problems your business could end up facing if you have an oil spill.

Workers Could Get Injured

Oil is a slick substance, and if someone ends up walking over an oil spill, they could lose their footing slip and fall. These slip and fall injuries are very common in workplace but with diligence are largely preventable. Accidents that happen from slip-and-fall situations are quite common in the workplace, and it’s up to you to be proactive and ensure that spilled oil is not a threat.

Even if the oil your company has is stored properly you should still let your employees know about that oil. If employees know where oil is stored, they will be more careful when navigating areas of your facility that have oil. If oil does spill, you can use absorbent pads and mats to soak it up right away.

An Oil Spill Can Cause a Fire

Oil is a catalyst for fires, so if a heat source is able to make contact with an oil spill, a fire could ignite. To minimize the likelihood of heat sources coming into contact with oil, you should choose your oil storage area carefully. Don’t store your oil anywhere that has nearby heat sources. You want to have as much distance between heat sources and oil as possible. When storing your oil, go with proper containers that are designed to hold oil and are closed when not in use. Be sure to check your secondary spill containment system often and report spills and clean them up right away.

Risk of Harmful Runoff

An oil spill can be potentially damaging to the environment. In Maryland any spilled oil outdoors must be reported to Maryland Department of the Environment as soon as possible or at the latest within two hours, AEG can do this for you.  Protect the drains and areas where the oil may get to the water. It is much easier and cost effective to contain and clean up oil on land. It also helps your company avoid facing violations and or fines.

Choose AEG Environmental as Your Oil Spill Cleanup Company

AEG Environmental can make sure that your team is trained and equipped to safely respond to an oil spill. We can assist your team with the clean up or you may wish to notify AEG and our response team can respond to the spill for you. Our team can handle any type of spill you may encounter. Don’t risk the safety, health and reputation of your firm on half measures. If there has been a spill of any kind, call us today and get the best hazardous oil spill cleanup services available!   24 Hour Emergency Response: 410-494-7587

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