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What Happens When Hazardous Waste is Not Managed Properly?

What Happens When Hazardous Waste is Not Managed Properly?

Here is what happens when you don’t manage hazardous waste properly.

It can be tricky to manage a waste program. Keeping all of your projects up to code might feel unrealistic to accomplish at times. If you have an organization that manages its waste internally, you have to abide by all of the federal and state regulations to guarantee you are in compliance. If you aren’t in compliance with regulations, you can face serious consequences. Here is what happens when you don’t manage hazardous waste properly.

You Fail Inspections

Organizations cannot remain in compliance if they don’t handle hazardous waste as they should.  If you don’t follow regulations, you will end up failing your inspections. This can cost organizations a hefty amount of money that comes from the fines they face. On top of that, their reputations can be compromised. In drastic scenarios, organizations may even experience operational failure, or they could be shut down entirely.


As we discussed earlier, organizational fines will burden businesses that aren’t in compliance. Also, there will be long-term expenses that pile up. Insurance premiums will increase if people get hurt while on the property. If things aren’t done in the way they should be done, it can be expensive to get things fixed.

Processes are better to address and resolve early on so that you don’t have to incur these heavy expenses in the future.

Organizations Won’t Be As Efficient

Mishandling hazardous waste can be a real pain for the EHS department. If there isn’t anyone on site who is meant to deal with the waste, problems just continue to pile up, resulting in an organization needing to be reactive rather than proactive.

If problems don’t get reported in a proactive manner, there will be far more responsibilities placed on the EHS department, overwhelming the employees.

Risks for Employees

Mishandling of hazardous waste can put employees at serious risk. All sorts of problems can result from mismanaging hazardous waste, such as exposure to toxic substances, explosions, spills, and fires. People can get seriously injured, and even death can occur.

It’s best to let professionals handle the processes needed to handle hazardous waste because it lowers the chances of people being harmed.

Environmental Hazards

Hazardous waste can do more than harm people; it can also damage the environment. With poor hazardous waste management, contamination and pollution can become serious issues that negatively impact the planet.

Your Reputation Can Be Compromised

No one likes when a company doesn’t perform their job properly. If you don’t manage hazardous waste as you should, people are eventually going to trace the problem back to your company. This can seriously damage the company’s image.

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