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Steps Conducted During Aboveground Tank Cleaning

Steps Conducted During Aboveground Tank Cleaning

There are many steps that go into the aboveground tank cleaning process.

For many different industrial fields, specialized cleaning services are in greater demand than ever before! Regardless of the industry, aboveground tank cleaning can be greatly beneficial to your industry’s sustainability and efficiency. There are many steps that go into the aboveground tank cleaning process.

Job Walk and Assessment

The first step doesn’t involve any cleaning. Instead, workers will walk around your worksite, trying to locate safety hazards. It’s during this step that it’s determined how easy it will be to enter the tank and figure out how many manways there are and how big each one is.

Equipment & Setup

Once the first day of aboveground tank cleaning begins, the equipment needed to complete the job gets delivered to the worksite. You should be met by a project manager and a site supervisor who will review everything that needs to be done for the job. If there are any changes that were made to the initial plan, those changes will be brought to your attention at this time.

All work permits for the job will be obtained, and a safety meeting gets conducted. Lastly, the equipment gets put in place to begin working.

Entry and Early Goals

This is the stage when the initial entry into the tank occurs. Crew members will start entering the tank to get rid of sludge from the tank’s bottom. Squeegees are the preferred tool because they don’t scratch the tank. They also won’t do any damage to the coatings that the tank has. Afterward, a liquid ring truck will vacuum everything and transport the material to a specified storage tank.

Wash and Residue Removal

After everything gets removed from the tank, a steam washing of the floor is needed. Workers will also clean up all of the harder oil substances that are on the interior tank shell. Steel scrapers are often used at this point, but they will only get used on spots that don’t have an epoxy coating on them.

End Result

When aboveground tank cleaning is done properly, you’ll have a tank completely free of grime and sludge. The cleanliness of the tank should be able to be captured easily with the help of a light. Make sure you find a competent aboveground tank cleaning company to carry out the job. When you leave the job to capable professionals, they will ensure that the job is completed to your liking.

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