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Tips for Storing Hazardous Waste

Tips for Storing Hazardous Waste

Many different industries generate examples of hazardous waste.

Many different industries generate examples of hazardous waste. These same industries and the companies within them are bound by regulations to store and dispose of the waste properly. For many generators, this is easier said than done. Here are some tips that you should follow

Use Better Signage 

One way to store hazardous waste more safely is to hang better signage. Old signs often contain outdated information. By installing newer signs, you can help inform your employees of the gear they are supposed to wear, safety procedures to follow, and what happens if a spill should occur. The signs should also indicate the type of waste that is nearby. The only people allowed near the refuse will be the people with the proper authorizations and sufficient training to know what to do to avoid accidents. 

Ensure the Right Containers are Used 

The second step is to make sure all containers are intact. Leaking vessels might lead to spills or other types of exposure that could damage your facility and harm your employees. The boxes need to be sturdy enough to survive being dropped or mishandled in different ways. Likewise, it should not be flammable either. Besides, ensuring that all of your containers can prevent spills and leaks is just another example of following best practices.

Secure Access Points

In a busy industrial setting, your workers should be focused on the task at hand. That’s part of the reason why securing access points is even more critical. This tactic protects the waste from tampering and can also minimize the chances of someone getting poisoned or injured in some other way.

Improve Employee Training

Consider improving your employees’ level of training. New techniques and methods for handling hazardous waste are always being innovated and recommended by both industry associations and federal safety agencies. The latest tools and knowledge will help ensure that everyone on-site is kept safe and that the waste won’t be released into the general area surrounding the location of your facility. 


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