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Struggles That Come With Drug Waste Disposal

Struggles That Come With Drug Waste Disposal

Drug waste disposal has many concerns surrounding it as of now.

Prescription drugs get used by many Americans. With all of the drugs getting used, communities are struggling to handle the effects they have on people’s health, their finances, and the environment. One of the biggest concerns comes with how to properly dispose of drug waste. There is a large number of stakeholders who are trying to come up with effective solutions to drug waste disposal concerns. Drug waste disposal has many concerns surrounding it as of now.

Prescription Drug Addiction is Prominent

Even though collection costs appear to be high, doing nothing has its own expenses. There are millions of Americans who abuse prescription drugs, and thousands die on an annual basis because of overdoses. In 2010, around 1 in every 20 people had reported that they had used prescription drugs for purposes that were not medically related.

On top of the cost of life, there are also higher community expenses, such as higher law enforcement and more demands that get placed on both foster care and health systems. People who suffer from substance abuse problems usually aren’t as productive in their school and work lives, being impacted in both physical and mental aspects.

Health & Environmental Hazards That Come Up With Improper Drug Disposal

Aside from the personal and social costs that come with drug addiction, the environment also gets impacted. It’s still unknown what implications improper drug waste disposal has on areas of the planet, such as in the water supply. However, the number of drugs being dumped into the water is on the rise. Something else on the rise is how many prescription medications get flushed by residents. On top of that, wastewater treatment plants can only handle so much improper drug waste disposal. In fact, these plants can typically handle only around half of the prescription drugs that get dumped into sewage.

Solutions for Prescription Drug Disposal

Drug manufacturers are also familiar with problems that are brought about by improper drug waste disposal, and they are doing their part to resolve these issues. The biggest trade group in the industry, known as Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, had launched a website called My Old Meds back in 2014. This website helped viewers understand why safe storage and disposal is so important.

There are also counties and cities all across the country that have passed extended producer responsibility laws for the purpose of pharmaceuticals. Local governments have thought about mandatory take-back programs, but federal regulations could also come into play. While federal standards for collections and the disposal of both expired pharmaceuticals as well as unwanted ones could provide more order, it’s not likely that this will take place soon.

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