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More Ways Dry Ice Blasting Can Be Used

More Ways Dry Ice Blasting Can Be Used

Today, we’re going to explain various ways you can make use of dry ice blasting.

Industrial facilities get messy every day. It’s just part of what comes with all of the hard work employees put in, and over time, messes are inevitable. When your building isn’t as clean and tidy as you want it to be, you’ll need to think of how you’re going to clean the area. For many people, they turn to dry ice blasting. Given that it is non-conductive, non-flammable, non-abrasive, and able to be used on machinery, it’s no wonder why this cleaning method is so popular. So, in what ways can dry ice blasting be utilized around your industry? Today, we’re going to explain various ways you can make use of dry ice blasting.

Use it To Remedy Fire Damage

Perhaps your building has recently been struck by a fire, and you’re trying to recover from all of the fire damage. Dry ice blasting works wonders in this regard because it can be used to clean up char, soot, and stains caused by smoke. You can even deal with the smells that smoke leaves behind. This way, you can reclaim your building and get everything back to normal.

Use it to Clean Welding Equipment

Due to gas impurities, slag will pile up as welding occurs, and this can cause tools to become weak and corrode over time. When you use dry ice blasting, however, that slag, as well as oil and smoke, can be broken up thanks to the freezing nature of the cleaning method. This way, your tools will be able to last for a longer time, which delays the need for you to get them replaced.

Use it to Remove Asphalt

You can use dry ice blasting on asphalt that’s on the ground in order to remove it. In addition to this, you can also remove asphalt from other surfaces, such as paving equipment and cars and other vehicles. Doing this will help bring them back to looking their best, and allow them to function more smoothly in the future.

Use it to Clean Pipelines and Tanks

Anytime that metals interact with water, you’ll be faced with risks of rusting and corroding. Pipelines and tanks are among the metal structures that are prone to these problems happening. With dry ice blasting, though, you can help tanks and pipelines last longer so that you can get more use out of them before replacements are needed.

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