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What to Consider Before You Hire a Lab Pack Provider

What to Consider Before You Hire a Lab Pack Provider

Today, we will go over everything you should consider before you hire a lab pack provider.

Lab packing is a field of work that requires a specific set of skills. Because of this, it’s often best for you to hire a professional lab pack provider to help you out. However, there are questions you should ponder before you commit to a provider. Today, we will go over everything you should consider before you hire a lab pack provider.

What are Lab Packs?

Lab packs are containers that are filled with various small-quantity canisters. These canisters are filled with lab chemicals that are compatible with each other. Chemicals get categorized into groups such as flammables, acids, and oxidizers. Usually, lab packs will be filled with an absorbent like vermiculite, and there are rules regarding what containers are appropriate for different chemicals, and how much is allowed to be put inside of any one container.

Once lab packs are packaged, they get labeled, manifested, and transported to appropriate disposal sites. This could include stabilization, neutralization, landfill, fuels blending, recycling, incineration, and treatment.

There are a lot of industries that make use of lab packs, such as laboratories, colleges, embalmers, hospitals, veterinarians, and factories. In short, if a facility has to store hazardous chemicals in small doses, then lab packs can be useful at that facility.

Why a Facility Should Think About Hiring a Lab Pack Disposal Provider

Lab packs are labeled as hazardous waste. Because of all of the toxic chemicals these lab packs hold, they must have proper labeling and be handled very carefully.

So what is the biggest advantage to making use of lab packs? If you ship like chemicals in a single drum, you will have to use a single shipping name within the regulations. Whatever shipping name is most appropriate isn’t going to be the name of any particular chemical. Instead, it will be a name that is most suitable for all of the chemicals that are inside of the drum. The chemicals that go into one drum don’t all have to be the same chemical; however, the chemicals do have to have similar characteristics.

Sometimes, bringing in the help of a lab pack disposal provider is useful to you. Here are the two main reasons you should think about doing it:

  • Your operation might have fewer drums’ worth of hazardous waste that need to be disposed.
  • It’s a massive responsibility having to dispose of heavily-contaminated waste, and it needs to be done as safely as possible.

Traits You Want in your Lab Pack Provider

Any lab pack provider who works with you should have a good track record of providing stellar services to their clients.

They should be able to comply with all regulations in your area and have a superb history regarding safe operations. In addition to this, your lab pack provider should be able to keep records of what waste was disposed of, and they should have staff members who communicate with you quickly and frequently.

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