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What You Should Know About PPE

What You Should Know About PPE

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is one of the most critical elements of your workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is one of the most critical elements of your workplace. Without the right PPE on hand, you won’t be able to keep your workers safe when there is a mercury spill or some other job-related hazard. Here is more information about what you should know about PPE. 

PPE Laws

Every company that works around hazardous waste needs to follow every rule, law, and guideline that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, issues. Different industries will have different types of PPE dependent on what it is they do. Researchers in a medical laboratory hoping to find a new vaccine will need very different protection than construction workers who might have to encounter electrical hazards or asbestos exposure. Many different types of PPE are required for anyone who must handle hazardous waste or dispose of it properly. Three common types of PPE that are often deployed in these circumstances include breathing and respiratory protection, hand coverings, and protection against pathogen transmission.

Following Standards

Many standards regarding PPE exist, and almost all of them are overseen by OSHA or local and state authorities who may or may not report back to OSHA. Every guideline, whether it comes from OSHA or somewhere lower, must be acknowledged and cannot be ignored. Violating standards can cost you; even a single violation could result in a $10,000 fine. For many smaller companies specializing in waste disposal, that is money they can’t afford to lose. Future infractions can lead to further punishments. These consequences are compounded when no actions are taken to resolve the cause of the problem. 

Remaining Compliant

Remaining compliant with the law is surprisingly easy to do. Even if you don’t feel as though you have the time to keep up with all of the changes in your industry, the team at AEG Environmental is here to help! We can provide your employees with the additional training they need to work harder, faster, smarter, and better than ever before. In the end, be sure to err on the side of caution: the more protection you have against hazards, the better off you will be!


No matter what kind of environmental issue you may have, AEG Environmental can help. We handle every situation with care, dedication, and a commitment to exemplary customer service. When you have an emergency, you can rely on us! Need training? We can handle that too! We train in a wide variety of environmental management areas so that your company can remain compliant with EPA, DOT, and OSHA. Make sure to check out our blog for the latest and greatest in the waste management world! You should also follow us on social media for updates.

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