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Ways to Deal with Aerosol Spray Cans

Ways to Deal with Aerosol Spray Cans

One of these assets could be empty aerosol spray cans. They are much different than any other types of rubbish that you might produce, so deal with them differently.

Whether you are in the early stages of organizing a lab pack or not, you may find that you have materials that you need to dispose of and won’t know how to do it. One of these assets could be empty aerosol spray cans. They are much different than any other types of rubbish that you might produce, so deal with them differently. 

The Contents

Aerosol spray cans are filled with many different substances. This makes the disposal process even more complicated than it might appear at first. Some examples include paints, lubricants, insecticides, and cleaning products, but these aren’t the only ones that homeowners and business owners will have to think about when it’s time to get rid of them. The pressure that the cans hold will make them even more dangerous

How They Are Different 

Now let’s look at how these cans differ from typical residential or commercial refuse. The liquids or gases that were contained in them can still be hazardous to their surroundings. The aerosol spray cans also need to be handled by experts who are professionals in this field. 

Empty the Cans

The first step in making sure that these cans are safe is to verify that they are empty. This responsibility falls on the waste generators. Once the cans have been emptied or have been punctured, they can be moved onto the next process.

Avoid Depressurization 

Although waste generators are responsible for ensuring that their aerosol cans are appropriately disposed of, depressurization of aerosol spray cans is more dangerous than it sounds. Specialized equipment is necessary when this work needs to be done – that way, you can remain compliant with all applicable EPA guidelines and avoid releasing toxic chemicals or air pollutants.

Treat Hazardous Waste with Extreme Caution

The most important takeaway is to treat all forms of hazardous waste with extreme caution. Triple-rinsing with solvents won’t be enough to remove all of the residues. That’s why a lab pack can be so useful, even if you have never considered it before. 


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