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Why Dry Ice Blasting is Better Than Other Cleaning Options

Why Dry Ice Blasting is Better Than Other Cleaning Options

Here are the reasons that dry ice blasting is a better cleaning option than other methods.

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning method that not all businesses use. It involves cleaning services with carbon dioxide (CO2). However, it’s not the gas form of CO2; dry ice blasting uses this compound in its solid form. For cleaning purposes, the dry ice gets accelerated inside of a pressurized stream of air, which then gets designated to whatever surface needs to be cleaned.

It’s a more effective way to clean than many other methods, and it offers a wide range of benefits to businesses that use this option. Here are the reasons that dry ice blasting is a better cleaning option than other methods.


Getting your industry clean in a short amount of time is ideal, but not all cleaning methods are as efficient as dry ice blasting. The speed and cold temperatures that come from dry ice blasting can penetrate the innermost layers of dirt, removing them easily. You also don’t have to spend as much time sending over large machinery to wherever the cleaning needs to take place. These machines would also have to be disassembled, masked, and reassembled, which takes considerable time. By cleaning your company using dry ice blasting, a job that would otherwise take days to complete could get done in potentially only a few hours!


The machine used for dry ice blasting is incredibly strong. It can penetrate dirt, unlike many other cleaning methods, meaning the overall cleaning is more efficient. If you try scrubbing dirt away by hand, it can get tedious and exhausting, and it often doesn’t boast the same results that using dry ice would.

Reduced Damage

When you have to move a machine to different areas of your business, there’s a risk that you could deal with unexpected accidents. Dry ice blasting doesn’t require you to move large machinery, greatly reducing the chances of an accident taking place.

Some machines can even stop working if they go long enough without being used. Cleaning for only hours rather than entire days significantly cuts your downtime, therefore alleviating you of the downsides that come with machines that don’t work.


Since there isn’t as much time needed to clean the area, on top of not needing chemicals to get your cleaning done, dry ice blasting becomes a cost-effective cleaning option. There are also fewer people who need to operate the machinery, cutting down on labor costs. In addition, there aren’t as many downsides that come with machine cleaning when you use dry ice blasting. You won’t have to spend money getting new machines due to the damage they sustain during cleaning. Between cutting down on labor costs and replacement expenses, dry ice blasting is bound to save you money.

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