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Why is RCRA Training Necessary?

Why is RCRA Training Necessary?

Following the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act is essential.

You might be wondering what RCRA training is. This training is necessary any time your company is handed the responsibility of dealing with hazardous waste. It doesn’t matter at what stage in the process, from generation to destruction, or anywhere in between. Following the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act is essential. Here is some information on why that is.

Environmental Hazards are Ever Present

Many things can be considered as hazardous waste. This fact may surprise you since many of the objects you take for granted can actually be quite dangerous. Batteries, fluorescent lightbulbs, and thermometers are just three examples. Chances are good that you have them all over your home and don’t even think of them as waste until they have outlived their usefulness. At that point, it’s time to toss them, but you might not know how to do it. The problem is that these items add up, and they have hazardous components that may not be harmful right away, but under the right circumstances, they could pose a risk to public health!

Get to Know the Vocab

It should be fairly evident why hazardous waste is categorized as hazardous in the first place. It can hurt people and the environment. All waste generators must package and label everything correctly. Any mistakes could result in severe fines or other associated consequences. Keeping up with current regulations is mandatory, and that’s part of what RCRA training can do for you.

Noncompliance is Costly

If you don’t comply with these regulations, then it will hurt your wallet. Simply put, noncompliance is costly. You could be fined $37,500 per day, which can quickly add up. That’s right – the math says that it can total over a million dollars in just a month if left unaddressed. The money you spend on getting the training you need isn’t a wasted resource. As you can see, it is actually a worthwhile investment. Don’t let these unnecessary expenses add up and cripple your business operations.


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