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Why Soil Removal Could Be Needed

Why Soil Removal Could Be Needed

Here are reasons you should use soil removal services.

It’s not uncommon to encounter contaminated soil in the middle of construction and demolition projects. There are all kinds of catalysts for contaminated soil, whether it be spilled chemicals, lead paint, or waste disposal. In scenarios like these, it’s best to get that soil removed from the premises. Contaminated soil can bring about all sorts of risks to people if it is not taken away. Here are reasons you should use soil removal services.

Risks to Personal Health

Sometimes, people don’t notice contaminated soil, and when they don’t, their health can be compromised. All people, especially children, are in serious danger when they make contact with contaminated soil. With enough exposure, the soil can cause serious damage to people’s central nervous systems, liver, and kidneys.

Risks to Agriculture & the Environment

If contaminated soil is able to spread to surrounding uncontaminated soil, it becomes a growing risk to the environment. Not only is food and agricultural growth brought to a halt, but the contaminants of the soil have the ability to destroy certain types of plants, as well as the microorganisms that are in the main food chain. As a result, any animals that habitually consume these types of food will end up eating the contaminants as well, which can harm them, as well as the nearby ecosystem.


After it’s determined just how much soil contamination there is, then a plan can be put into motion that includes removing whatever contaminated soil there is around the property. Bioremediation projects are needed whenever there is any kind of renovation or construction project that needs to get done, and it’s especially crucial for any pieces of agricultural land. No matter what kind of land you have or how the land is used, soil removal will always be worth your while.

Let AEG Environmental Help You With Your Soil Contamination Problems!

AEG Environmental specializes in the containment and remediation of soil contamination of fuels of all types. We also remediate PCBs, Chromium, Acid, Base, and Mercury-contaminated sites. If you are faced with a contaminated site that may have contaminated soils, contact AEG Environmental so you can get into contact with one of our project managers.

Our team can handle any type of problem you put in front of us. Don’t risk your safety and health! If you need assistance dealing with soil contamination, call us today and get the best services available!

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