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5 Reasons Why Hazardous Materials Training is a Good Idea

Hazardous Materials Training

There are many reasons why hazardous materials training for your employees is a good idea.

If your company deals with hazardous materials, it is critical that your employees know exactly how to handle and dispose of them. Federal, state, and local regulations need to be followed, but sometimes these can be obscure or unclear. Getting professionals to come in to your company to conduct training is a great idea. Here are five reasons why.

1. The Impact of Improper Handling is Well-Known

The corporate and public spheres know about the negative impacts of improper handling of hazardous materials. One of the biggest reasons we have rules and regulations is because of the very public effects of improper handling during the 1970s – particularly, the Love Canal emergency in 1978 is seen as the tipping point that really drove us to adopt regulations.

2. Noncompliance is Expensive

Being in noncompliance can earn your company a hefty fine from the EPA. Not only that, but the impact of noncompliance is much more costly for the environment and those that come into contact with it without the proper protection.

3. It’s In Your Home

It’s easy to forget sometimes that we all, in one form or another, deal with hazardous waste and materials in our own homes. Batteries, fluorescent lamps, thermometers… all of these are hazardous and yet most people will simply throw their waste in the trashcan. Training about hazardous waste disposal can positively affect our environment through our choices at home.

4. The New Language

The language surrounding hazardous materials and its disposal can seem nonsensical to someone outside of the field. There are hundreds of hazardous wastes classified by the EPA and learning them along with the communication codes on labels is like learning a whole new language. Getting the necessary training on these codes can only help us in learning them.

5. They’re Dangerous

It may seem obvious but hazardous materials are regulated because they are dangerous. Some of these materials are so hazardous that even empty containers that used to house them are considered hazardous themselves. And when we consider how some of these materials can lead to bodily harm if handled improperly, the importance of proper training cannot be understated.


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