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Workplace Safety Resolutions for 2017

Workplace Safety in 2017

What are your workplace safety resolutions for 2017? Here are some ways you can rededicate your efforts to keep your employees safe!

Happy New Year from all of us here at AEG Environmental! We hope that your company’s new year’s resolutions include rededicating your efforts towards workplace safety. Building and maintaining a workplace safety program takes consistent vigilance and self-examination to be effective, especially in industries that handle hazardous materials regularly. Now is a good time to check the ways in which your safety program might be able to be improved this year. Here are some resolutions you can take to ensure your employees are safe in the workplace in 2017.

Involving Employees in Safety Planning

Empowering workers to “own” safety is a great way to make your safety procedures effective. Designate and recognize “safety leaders” in your organization who will be responsible for safety initiatives in your company. Collaboration is the best way for your employees to take action in regards to their own safety.

Focusing Safety Efforts on Likely Scenarios

While emergency and disaster preparedness are a critical part of your workplace safety program, the reality is that the likelihood of such scenarios is low. Redouble your efforts instead on identifying and eliminating smaller safety violations that cause the most frequent injuries.

Maintaining Work Areas

Help prevent injuries in your workplace by clearing workspaces of clutter and other issues. Clear stairwells of boxes or tools, clean up all leaks and spills according to best practices, and remove and address any hazards such as fraying electrical cords. Keep your machinery in safe working order by implementing a routine maintenance program.

Provide Proper PPE

Each unique job function may require different types of personal protective equipment (PPE). Work with your staff to determine the proper PPE for each function and make sure you have the correct sizes for each employee that does the job.

Safety Training Program

Regular safety training is essential for any safety program, especially for industries where employees are expected to handle hazardous materials. Not only is it safe practice but it is also necessary for compliance with OSHA, DOT, and EPA regulations. Review your needs and determine what kind of training would be best for your employees.


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