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Best Practices for Labeling Hazardous Waste Containers

Labeling Hazardous Waste Containers

Make sure your facility is accurately labeling your hazardous waste and materials to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Federal, state, and local regulations establish a basic set of rules for every aspect of hazardous waste storage and disposal. This includes rules for the proper labeling of hazardous waste containers. Managers of facilities that deal with hazardous waste run several risks if they fail to follow these guidelines. You may risk a fine from the authorities, but, more importantly, you risk putting anyone that comes in contact with that container in serious danger. Here are some best practices you need to employ when labeling your hazardous waste containers.

The Hazardous Waste Label

The distinctive yellow hazardous waste label definitely needs to be affixed to any container that is filled with hazardous waste. This label also needs to include several key pieces of information required by law, including the words “hazardous waste”, your generator information, the relevant EPA hazardous waste code if applicable, the proper DOT shipping name, and the start date of the accumulation.

Pay Close Attention to the Accumulation Start Date

Any facilities deemed a “large quantity generator” is required by law to ship out hazardous waste within ninety days of accumulation. “Small quantity generators” are required to ship waste out within 180 days.  Therefore, your label needs to include this accumulation start date, and this date needs to be accurate in case your facility is audited or inspected by the authorities.

Use Proper Placards

The placard on larger hazardous waste containers gives some more crucial information to the observer, such as whether the materials are corrosive or flammable. This information is extremely valuable as it can serve to protect those who interact with the container in any way. For example, if there is a fire at your facility involving this waste, proper placards can tell the firefighters whether to use foam or water to fight it.


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