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Consequences of Not Being DOT Compliant

Consequences of Not Being DOT Compliant

Failure to be DOT compliant comes with quite a few consequences, and we want to go over them with you today.

If you are transporting anything from your business, working with people who are DOT compliant is essential. People with DOT compliance ensure that everything gets transported to its destination safely, and in accordance with the guidelines set in place by the Department of Transportation; Failure to be DOT compliant comes with quite a few consequences, and we want to go over them with you today.

You Face Large Fees

Companies that don’t show themselves to be DOT compliant could face various financial penalties. The amount of money you pay is based on the type of penalty that is committed, which can range from anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands! Being DOT compliant at all times allows you to avoid ever facing these financial consequences.

Injuries or Death

While this is not a common consequence that comes from not being DOT compliant, it is among the most severe of them. Failure to abide by DOT regulations is highly dangerous, and it’s imperative that the ones who are transporting materials know how to move them in a manner that does not put anyone at risk.

Carriers Relinquishing Their Carrier Rights

To remain DOT compliant, one must always follow the rules that the Department of Transportation has in place. If these rules are not followed, the carrier involved in misconduct will have their carrier rights suspended or revoked. This can impact businesses financially both in the short and long term. Typically, if a suspending or revoking of carrier rights occurs, the carrier will have the ability to have a corrective action plan (CAP) done in response.

Worse Industry Reputation

Incidents are going to happen when staff isn’t DOT compliant. These incidents are going to be known, and when they are known, your company’s reputation will be negatively impacted. This means people will be less interested in your company as a whole, and will turn their attention to companies that abide by all of the DOT regulations.

You Should Work With a Dot Compliant Company

To ensure that DOT regulations are followed, you should only ever work with companies that demonstrate consistent DOT compliance. Fortunately, AEG Environmental has the experienced staff for all of your transportation needs. We make sure to follow all of the most current regulations in place so that your materials are transported as safely and effectively as possible.

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