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What Are Corrosive Liquids and How Are They Hazardous?

Corrosive Liquids

Corrosive liquids and wastes need to be properly taken care of by an experienced management team.

Corrosive liquids are common in many workplaces throughout America, and keeping employees and customers safe and protected from their hazardous effects is paramount. What exactly are corrosive liquids and why are they considered so hazardous?

Corrosive Liquids 101

Corrosive liquids are also known as Class 8 liquids. They are typically strong acids or strong bases. Depending on what substance is actually making up the acid or base, they will react differently to other substances like metal or polymers. Corrosive liquids don’t just do damage to metals or organic compounds either, they also do major and rapid damage to living tissue.

Corrosive liquids, or Class 8 liquids, are measured on the pH scale (a range of 0-14 with water being 7). Strong acids are considered liquids with a pH of 2 or less. Strong bases are liquids with a pH above 12.5. Both of these pHs are incredibly common in cleaning products, manufacturing facilities, and other businesses.

How Can You Dispose of Corrosive Liquids?

Disposing of corrosive liquids properly isn’t just something that you should do, it’s actually the law. The U.S. DOT and the Environmental Protection Agency both have regulations prohibiting corrosive liquid disposal through normal waste streams. Your corrosive liquids should always be taken care of by a professional hazardous waste management firm. Corrosive liquids will be placed in individual containers designed for them and disposed of properly (and legally).

Why Are Corrosive Liquids So Dangerous?

Corrosive liquids are no laughing matter, as a spill or leak could be extremely dangerous for employees and catastrophic for equipment. If you have a corrosive liquid spill on your property, you need to call the emergency response team from AEG Environmental immediately to limit damage and protect your staff and property.

Keep Your Business and Employees Safe with Proper Corrosive Liquid Disposal

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