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What Could Happen if You Mismanage Your Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous Waste Mismanagement

Mismanagement of hazardous waste can be catastrophic for your business and its reputation and can seriously injure your employees.

Properly managing hazardous waste is essential to the success of your business. Your business is required to follow all local, state, and federal waste management regulations. Many businesses find that it is easy to run afoul of regulations, and although not intentional, the consequences may be severe. What are the consequences of mismanaging your hazardous waste?

You Could Fail an Inspection

Not following your local and state regulations may lead to failing inspections by the EPA, OSHA, MDE, and any other regulatory bodies that your business falls under. Failed inspections can be catastrophic to businesses, as they involve large fines, disruption to your business, and negative publicity.

Your Business May be Fined

Failed hazardous waste inspections may lead to steep fines for your business. These fines would be magnified if an employee was injured at work as a result of your mismanagement. Expect your insurance premiums to rise significantly if this were to happen.  

Your Employees Could Get Hurt

If you mismanage your hazardous waste, it isn’t just your business’s bottom line that is at stake. Hazardous waste is dangerous to handle! Employees can be harmed as a result of spills, fires, reactions, and even simple exposure to the hazardous waste. Unfortunately, serious injuries and even death can occur as a result of mismanaging hazardous waste. Always leave hazardous waste management to the professionals and strive to keep your customers and employees safe.  

You Could Harm the Environment

If your company mismanages hazardous waste, you may also do real damage to the environment. Pollution can cause harm to the environment around your business. Improper hazardous waste management that hurts the environment will also harm your business’s reputation.Think of the many multi-national corporations who have suffered serious reputation damage as a result of mismanaging hazardous waste. Does your business want to be one? It’s always easier and less expensive to maintain compliance than it is to clean up a spill.

Keep Your Business and Employees Safe with Proper Hazardous Waste Disposal

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