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Understanding the Final Rule on Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements

Final Rule on Hazardous Material Generator

The EPA’s final rule on hazardous waste generator improvements is set to take effect on May 30, 2017.

The administrator of the EPA signed the final rule on Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements this past October, and implementation of the rule is due to start on May 30, 2017. It is an update to current hazardous waste generator regulations, making the rules easier to understand and facilitating compliance through providing greater flexibility in how waste is managed. Before the final rule takes effect, we thought we would help you understand exactly what the rule is going to achieve.

What Exactly Does the Rule Do?

This final rule is an update to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Responding to feedback from the communities involved, the revisions make the current rules clearer and easier to comply with. They enhance the safety of facilities which generate hazardous waste and improves risk communication and the capabilities of emergency responders. Two of the key provisions of the rule are:

  1. When generating episodic waste due to a non-routine event, allowing a hazardous waste generator to avoid moving up to a higher generator status provided that waste is properly managed.
  2. Giving “very small quantity generators” (VSQG) the ability to send their hazardous waste to a large quantity generator under the control of the same company.

The rule also makes and finalizes improvements in risk communication for workers, waste handlers, and emergency workers to keep these people safe.

Implementation of the New Rule

The final rule will be implemented on May 30, 2017, which is six months after the EPA promulgated the rule change. All hazardous waste generators should learn the ins and outs of this new rule in order to maximize their waste disposal efficiency and stay in compliance with EPA guidelines. If you have any questions or need help understanding the revised regulations, give us a call for a consultation!


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