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How a Mercury Spill is Dangerous to Your Business

How a Mercury Spill is Dangerous to Your Business

Let’s discuss what makes a mercury spill so dangerous to have around your business.

Mercury is a substance that’s found in many common items, such as batteries, lightbulbs, and thermometers. Nevertheless, even though it’s commonly found, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. If mercury is spilled somewhere around your business, it can become a serious hazard, but what about this substance actually presents a danger to you? Let’s discuss what makes a mercury spill so dangerous to have around your business.

It’s Detrimental to People’s Health

Mercury is a toxic substance, and it’s never good for people to inhale or ingest it. Inhaling mercury vapors means that the substance can get through your lungs, enter the bloodstream, and result in various health problems.

Even short-term exposure to mercury is detrimental, as it can result in problems such as nausea, vomiting, chest pain, breathing difficulties, and problems with vision.

Side-effects only get worse with long-term exposure to mercury. With long-enough exposure to the toxic substance, you could find yourself with sleeping issues, harm to your kidneys and central nervous system, anxiety, and anorexia. The amount of mercury to which you’re exposed can influence the severity of health complications.

It’s Not Easy to Clean a Mercury Spill

A mercury spill is also problematic because of how difficult it is to clean. This is due to the fact that mercury can split into microbeads, and these microbeads can be difficult to track, especially if they squeeze their way into tiny crevices.

What to Do If You Experience a Mercury Spill

Given how dangerous mercury is, and how difficult it can be to clean mercury off of the different parts of your business, we recommend getting help from mercury remediation services. Professionals know the procedures to follow to ensure that mercury spills are properly addressed. Make sure to contain the spill as best you can before they arrive. This keeps vapors from spreading to other parts of your property.

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Lastly.  AEG’s Mercury Spill Team is second to none in removing the threat from a mercury spill. Call today from set up a Mercury Assessment Before your clean up. You may wish to have AEG perform a Mercury Assessment if you had a historic mercury spill on the property or if you have had mercury cleaned up but would still like to verify that all mercury has been removed.

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