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What to Do If You Experience a Mercury Spill Around Your Business

What to Do If You Experience a Mercury Spill Around Your Business

Keep reading to find out how you should respond to a mercury spill.

While mercury spills aren’t a common occurrence for most businesses, they can still happen. As such, you need to be prepared in the event that one ends up happening. Given how dangerous mercury is, cleaning a spill requires a careful strategy, which we’ll be going over with you today. Keep reading to find out how you should respond to a mercury spill.

Get the Mercury Spill Contained

It’s imperative that you not allow a mercury spill to spread. The more it spreads, the more areas it’s able to contaminate. Since mercury is a hazardous substance, it’s best to leave this process to the professionals.

Remove the Mercury From Your Business

Once the mercury spill is properly contained, it needs to be removed from the premises so that it doesn’t cause further damage. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as professional-grade tools, need to be used to perform this task safely. It’s also important that all relevant safety and health regulations are followed.

Find a Suitable Place to Dispose the Mercury

Following industry regulations, find a proper place to dispose of any mercury you have. Knowing where you can do away with mercury requires extensive training on all safety and health restrictions in the area, as well as training on how to properly dispose of the substance. Given how toxic mercury is, and how detrimental it can be to the health of people and the environment, this type of safety training cannot be ignored.

Get Your Business Decontaminated

After all of the mercury has been removed from your business, you need to spend time thoroughly decontaminating the area. Mercury is highly hazardous, so you need to be sure there is no trace of it left out in the open. A professional mercury remediation company will have a clean-up process already in place that will help them make sure your business is completely decontaminated. This way, your business will be as safe to use as possible. An important thing to note is that you’ll want to keep your windows open for a minimum of one day after decontaminating occurs, just to be sure there are no toxic fumes left inside of your building.

Contact AEG Environmental for Your Mercury Remediation Concerns

AEG Environmental has the staff you need to handle any mercury-related problem. We have mercury vapor analyzers and a whole response team at the ready to help with the cleaning process. We’ll be sure your office is in pristine condition by the time we’re done. Give us a call today if our mercury remediation services interest you.

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