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How to Perform Lab Packing Safely

How to Perform Lab Packing Safely

Keep reading to find out how you can safely perform your lab packing procedures.

Many industries need to make use of lab packing on a regular basis. Categorizing, organizing, and disposing of your chemicals should always be taken seriously, whether you’re in a medical setting, school setting, industrial setting etc. Now, lab packing must be carried out in a specific way to assure the safety of all employees in the area, as well as the safety of the environment. Keep reading to find out how you can safely perform your lab packing procedures.

Identify What Materials You Have

The identification process is the initial step to carry out when getting lab packing done. You want to make note of any chemicals you have that are either expired, damaged, or old that you want to remove from your facility.

To maximize safety, you should identify chemicals in scrutinizing detail. That way, you’ll know for certain how each one should be handled and disposed of later on.

Separate Your Wastes

Next, it’s time to divide the different wastes you have into different categories. First, use smaller containers, like vials, to store your chemicals. Then, place those smaller containers into larger ones. When doing this, it’s important to note hazardous traits of any chemicals you have, and separate them accordingly. As an example, you’ll want to group all flammable materials together, then group up all of your corrosive chemicals, etc.

Use a Coding System to Separate Hazardous Wastes

You’ll want to keep the Resource Recovery and Conservation Act in mind when identifying the hazardous waste products your facility has. In this act, there’s a standardized coding system that should be followed. Each code will inform people on what hazardous properties certain chemicals have, such as being corrosive, flammable, or reactive.

What Happens Without Proper Lab Packing Procedures?

Proper managing and disposing of your chemicals is essential for preserving the safety of both people and the environment. Not following the right procedures could cause people to mishandle hazardous chemicals, which is a serious danger. If people demonstrate poor chemical management, the consequences can be dire. Chemicals react in dangerous ways that we don’t always expect, such as causing fires and explosions. Sometimes, toxic gasses can be released as well. All of these reactions can put people’s lives at risk, and do serious damage to your property.

If you don’t follow all of the necessary lab packing regulations, you’ll be faced with severe legal liabilities and penalties. Violating environmental regulations, transportation requirements, or occupational health and safety standards can result in severe fines for your business, legal actions, and a tarnished reputation that will plague your business for years

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