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More Violations in Hazardous Waste Management You Want to Avoid

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Violations in hazardous waste management are a serious problem because they risk environmental contamination, human safety, and your business will be heavily fined.

Hazardous waste management is a vital aspect of any business that has to work with dangerous substances regularly. Without proper managing techniques, your workplace, staff members, or even the environment itself, can be compromised. We’ve already discussed some of the violations that can happen in hazardous waste management, but there are still more mistakes that businesses can make, and we want to be sure you avoid making any of these errors for yourself. Keep reading to learn about additional violations that could happen in hazardous waste management.

Not Having Proper Storage Conditions

Hazardous materials need to be stored under the right conditions to prevent them from causing harm. When storing hazardous substances, there are a few mistakes employees can make. One such mistake would be leaving containers open, which leaves these substances exposed. As a result, your business would be at much greater risk of fires, explosions, and/or toxic chemicals being spilled and released into the environment. You also run the chance of having chemicals mixing together with other substances that could possibly be incompatible.

Improper Disposal

Sometimes, businesses try to get around having to get a license to discharge hazardous wastes. They might try disposing of hazardous substances as if they are non-hazardous, or they might try to get rid of their wastes by putting them into everyday dumpsters.

Both of these approaches are not advised. If you try to get rid of hazardous waste using either of these methods, your business can face steep consequences. For example, you may face a fine of $10,000 per day, with everyday countain as a separate violation that can result in jail time.

Not Maintaining Sufficient Training/Training Records

Training is among the most important pieces of proper hazardous waste management. All parties involved with hazardous materials are responsible in some way for how they are disposed of. Part of disposing of hazardous waste correctly means having the right training, so that you know what steps to follow when managing these waste products. Failure to have the needed training means that your business will not be compliant with regulations set in place by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

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