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EPA Violations You Should Avoid Making

EPA Violations You Should Avoid Making

Here are EPA violations you’ll want to avoid making in your industry.

The EPA handles all environmental regulations, ensuring that they are enforced across all businesses so that environmental compliance can be maintained. There are serious penalties to be had if you don’t abide by these regulations, such as fines and negative environmental impacts. In order to stay environmentally compliant, it’s important to know what violations to avoid. Here are EPA violations you’ll want to avoid making in your industry.

Insufficient Aisle Space

When you store hazardous waste products, it’s not enough to simply store it somewhere and call it a day; you have to be certain you don’t obstruct movement wherever the storage containers are placed. The type of waste you’re storing can influence how much space is required, but typically, the EPA will require a minimum of 2.5 feet’s worth of aisle space.

Too Much Waste Generation

Any company that creates hazardous waste will need a place to store all of it. Companies may try to do this on-site, which can work for a while. If you keep this waste at your facility for too long, however, you’ll start to face consequences, such as fines. This is something that can easily happen, especially if your business is reaching its maximum waste storage capacity.

If you want to avoid these problems, you can instead choose to hire a hazardous waste management company to take it to the proper disposal site on your behalf. This way, you’ll have a reliable company in your corner that keeps the waste around your facility from piling up too much.

Corrective Actions Take Too Long

Any company that manages, stores, and transports hazardous waste products needs to undergo inspections. If any part of the hazardous waste management process has issues, you need to take corrective action immediately. If you don’t take corrective action, safety can be compromised, and you can be fit with heavy fines. Once corrective action is taken, you want to document everything that was done, and when it was completed. You also want to take note of the person who took the corrective action.

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