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Lab Packing: Moving Your Lab to a New Location

Lab Packing: Moving Your Lab to a New Location

Is it time to move on? You can rely on the team from AEG Environmental to help you make it happen!

Is it time to move on? Your lab could be in need of a new home. When that becomes the case, you will require help from the professionals. That’s why you can rely on the team from AEG Environmental to help you make it happen

Create a Comprehensive Inventory

The first step in any lab move is to inventory everything you have. You can’t take your lab and move everything without having an idea of what you want to take with you and what you want to leave behind. Think of it much like how you would move out of an old house and into a new one! Make sure you catalog all types of waste materials in your facility because accidents can and will happen during the lab packing process. That way, you have an idea of the risks involved before you go out and hire the team you want to work with to make this process easier.

Get Rid of Old Materials

Expired materials should be disposed of, and besides, you don’t need them anymore. Just be sure to do it in a responsible way, because you have a cradle-to-grave responsibility for all of the waste you produce, even if it isn’t hazardous by itself. By disposing of unneeded materials you can also reduce the amount of downtime that catching up on inventory can cause at your new location, which means that this step is best for business.

Assemble the Best Team

After that, it’s time to assemble the best team you can. Although you will no doubt have responsible employees on your team, the best thing to do is work with the experts here at AEG Environmental. We can oversee the lab packing and materials moving procedures to make sure everything turns out the way you expect.

Draw Up Plans

It’s time to make your plans. This means that you need to come up with a plan for how to execute the move. It needs to be full of details covering the entire project from beginning to end. Be sure to expect the unexpected, too, just in case!


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