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What You Should Know About Safety Data Sheets

What You Should Know About Safety Data Sheets

Safety data sheets are essential for anyone who works with hazardous materials.

If you wish to remain in compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations regarding hazardous waste, it’s best to keep a well-documented list of everything you do and everything you need to do. That’s where safety data sheets enter the picture. In the past, these sheets were also called material safety data sheets, or MSDS. What exactly do you need to know about them, and how are they helpful? Here are the answers to those questions.

Material Identification

You are most likely not going to know what every substance in your facility is. That’s why the paperwork matters so much. One of the purposes that a safety data sheet fulfills is material identification. Only by knowing what something is can you begin to handle and yes, properly dispose of it. Trade names and brand names are also included, which is especially helpful. You might wonder why, but consider how not everyone’s an expert scientist. These sheets, therefore, help the layperson understand what is going on and how they should respond to potentially toxic or otherwise harmful substances under their supervision.

All of the Ingredients

Another reason that safety data sheets are so important to circulate is because they list the ingredients in a chemical substance. This helps identify what might be dangerous and what might not be, also useful when it comes to dealing with substances that might not fall into any of the obvious categories as defined by OSHA.

Property Values

Everyone in your facility needs to be kept safe, as do the environment around your building and the building itself. That’s why knowing the chemical and physical properties of every substance under your roof matters so much. By doing this, you can do your part in avoiding or preventing accidents that could result in massive damage or an emergency that endangers the safety and wellbeing of your workers, employees, and visitors.


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