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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Tips

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Tips

When you are dealing with pharmaceutical waste, there can be any number of associated risks depending on what you’re handling.

When you are dealing with pharmaceutical waste, there can be any number of associated risks depending on what you’re handling. What side effects will exposure have on your employees, visitors, and the surrounding environment? It’s entirely possible for this waste to contaminate food supplies and water sources, which is why handling and disposal are so strictly regulated.


One type of pharmaceutical waste is expired medicine and other medications that have gone bad. When they do, you need to get rid of them in a responsible way. However, that can be easier said than done, because of spills and contaminated containers. The containers could be exposed to toxic and poisonous substances that you might not immediately recognize, and the effects of which might not be noticeable right away. The equipment and packaging you used to handle the pharmaceutical waste also needs to be properly decontaminated and either re-used or disposed of.

Handling Safely

Any substances or pharmaceuticals that are still viable and haven’t expired yet may be safe to use. Consequently, they should be sent to distributors that can determine how best to circulate them without posing any risks. You can also request assistance from AEG Environmental. We can train you and your employees on the safe handling and packaging of pharmaceutical waste, and then pick it up and dispose of it in accordance with all relevant regulations.

Stick to the Plan

You will also need to create a comprehensive plan to deal with pharmaceutical waste now and in the future. Proper funding should be set aside to ensure that the plans are constantly tested, revised, and executed safely. During the disposal procedures, ensure that you remain compliant at all times. If your employees are in need of further compliance training, then you can trust AEG Environmental to provide you with training.

Audits, inspections, and analyses are all critical to developing your plan for disposing of pharmaceutical waste. Following all state and federal laws and finding innovative ways to limit the amount of waste you produce are also crucial ways of preventing any accidents or disasters from happening.


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