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Useful Facts about PPE

Useful Facts about PPE

PPE can range anywhere from reflective vests that increase visibility, to full coveralls with a built-in air filtration system.

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is essential for human safety in a facility that handles hazardous materials and hazardous waste. PPE can range anywhere from reflective vests that increase visibility, to full cover-alls with a built-in air filtration system. Not only is PPE essential for safety, it’s the law! Here are some important facts you should know about PPE.


OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has created several laws and regulations overseeing what employees need to wear when engaged in dangerous tasks. The different types of personal protective equipment are commonly used in the healthcare and construction industries. However, it’s also essential for anyone dealing with hazardous waste and hazardous waste disposal. Respiratory protection, hand protection, and bloodborne pathogen protection are just as important in the field of hazardous waste disposal as it is in healthcare since disposing of medical waste calls the right kind of PPE to be used.


OSHA enforces most of the standards behind PPE usage, particularly when it comes to safety measures. You must also comply with any and all standards put forth by city, county, and state guidelines in the area where your business is based. There are consequences for failing to follow or live up to these standards. For instance, a single violation could cost your business around $10,000; any additional violations and the fines can go up to $100,000 or more, especially if nothing is done to resolve the compliance violations.


Finding and securing the right kind of PPE is essential for ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations. You need to find the equipment that suits the type of hazardous waste you are interacting with. When in doubt, always go with more protection.  Staying compliant with all possible guidelines, rules, regulations, and laws can be difficult. That’s also why it’s a good idea to invest in PPE training for all of your employees. Contact AEG Environmental for training today!


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