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Reasons to Embrace E-Waste Recycling

Reasons to Embrace E-Waste Recycling

If you aren’t recycling e-waste right now, here are reasons to start doing so today.

Electronic waste (e-waste) is a growing problem for the planet. Given how many electronic devices get used all of the time, it’s important that we get as much mileage from them as possible. We want to manage our waste products in a way that promotes sustainability. One way to do this is by recycling our electronic devices. If you aren’t recycling e-waste right now, here are reasons to start doing so today.

It Helps Protect the Environment

E-waste recycling contributes to the sustainability of the environment. By recycling your electronic waste products, you keep toxic substances, such as cadmium, from seeping into the ground and causing environmental damage. Instead, you can repurpose these substances, and reuse them to create new electronic devices.

Conserve More Naturally-Recurring Resources

When we reuse resources from old electronic products, it means we can avoid needing to mine for more materials. This way, we won’t run through the planet’s naturally-recurring resources at as fast of a rate, allowing us to preserve them for much longer. Preserving natural resources promotes sustainability for the planet, which only further supports the reason to recycle e-waste materials.

Make More Jobs

Did you know that e-waste recycling helps make more jobs for people? It’s estimated that over 600,000 jobs can be made every year in this manner. Now, while e-waste isn’t the sole contributor to these jobs, it certainly plays a role, as a secondary market gets formed in which recycled materials are the most precious commodity available.

Reduce Landfills and GHG Emissions

A lot of e-waste finds its way into landfills and incinerators. If you engage in e-waste recycling, however, you reduce how much of that e-waste goes into those incinerators and landfills. Landfill heaps contribute to air and water pollution, so any waste we can keep away from these landfills is beneficial to the planet.

Raises Affordability

When electronic devices are made with recycled materials, it reduces how much money is spent during the manufacturing process. As a result, products can be built much more cheaply, and people can purchase them at a lower price. Some materials, like copper, can even be reused multiple times, making them especially beneficial from an economical standpoint.

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