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Steps to Take With Leaking Oil Tanks

Steps to Take With Leaking Oil Tanks

Find out the steps you should take to deal with oil leaks on your property.

We face many types of adverse weather conditions, and on top of making it difficult to use your outdoor landscape during this time, these weather conditions can wreak havoc on your property. One part of your property that can be impacted is your oil tanks.

Some people have oil tanks on the inside of their property, and some have them on the outside, but what’s common with both is that they can experience leaks. Oil tank leaking is a big concern since pollution can become an issue, and you can face steep expenses if these leaks are not addressed. So what should you do about these leaks? Find out the steps you should take to deal with oil leaks on your property.

Dealing With Leaks From Indoor Oil Tanks

The first step to take is getting professional help. A fire department is a good point of contact to make because oil is a combustible substance. You should also get in touch with an insurance company and an oil spill cleaning company. After that, get some ventilation in the area so you can clear out any strong oily odors. It’s also in your best interest to quarantine the area and cut off access to the spot until it can be professionally addressed. Lastly, evacuate the area if your oil leak has gotten very large. If you’re exposed to oil for too long, it can result in negative effects on your health, so you want everyone in the vicinity to be evacuated until the premises are safe again.

Dealing With Leaks From Outdoor Oil Tanks

Outdoor oil leaks tend to be much bigger problems, and you’ll need to take a few different steps when dealing with them. To start, you’ll want a soil sample. This will make it easier to tell if any oil tanks have leaked in the first place. After that, you should contact a few different companies, including an oil tank removal company and an insurance company.

You’ll also want to figure out the amount of damage the oil leak has caused. Understanding the scope of the damage makes it easier to determine how much has to be done to restore your property and the environment around it. Sometimes, oil tanks can leak oil into water tables and into your soil, and knowing what has been damaged will make it easier to know who to contact for help.

AEG Environmental Can Clean Spills From Oil Tanks!

If you need any help dealing with spills coming from oil tanks, AEG Environmental is ready to help you! Whether your spill comes from inside or outside, we can handle the job. We make it our mission to get you back into your home quickly and safely!

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