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Perks and Risks That Aboveground Tanks Have

Perks and Risks That Aboveground Tanks Have

These are the benefits and potential risks businesses have when they use aboveground tanks instead of underground ones.

Underground tanks have been used by many businesses over the years. However, certain variables, such as difficulty finding leaks, have convinced other businesses to opt for aboveground tanks instead. Each type of tank has its merits, and today, we’ll be focusing on the businesses that use or consider using aboveground variants. These are the benefits and potential risks businesses have when they use aboveground tanks instead of underground ones.

Pro: It’s Easier to Notice Damage That the Tank Has

It’s hard to see when underground tanks have been damaged because of how they are kept out of view. Since aboveground tanks are, well, above the ground, spotting leaks and other damage in them is a lot easier. This means you can notice problems earlier, which allows you to take more proactive approaches to getting them fixed.

Con: Aboveground Tanks Are Susceptible to the Environment

Aboveground tanks are always exposed to the outdoor elements. Because of this, weather is more of a risk factor for them. These tanks could suffer damage as a result of high winds, lightning, and other inclement weather conditions. This is not the case for underground tanks that are protected beneath the surface.

Pro: Aboveground Tanks Are Easier to Repair

Since aboveground tanks are easier to access, performing repairs isn’t nearly as difficult. Underground tanks come with the chore of being forced to pull them out of the ground before repairs can begin.

Con: It’s More Likely That Vehicles Collide With Them

While people try their best to be safe, we have to understand that human error is still a variable that’s at play in the workplace. Since aboveground tanks are above the surface, they are more vulnerable to collisions with vehicles if human error becomes a problem. You will have to take more special precautions to make sure that your tanks are kept safe.

Pro: Aboveground Tanks Are Easier to Relocate

By not being troubled with the task of pulling a tank from underground, it’s much easier to take an aboveground tank from one location to another. This is an especially handy perk if you’re going to sell your property to another owner one day.

Con: Aboveground Tanks Aren’t Visually Appealing

While the function of an aboveground tank is great, there are people who might not appreciate the aesthetic they provide. Surrounding business owners also might not enjoy looking at your tank, as it doesn’t serve as the best generator of curb appeal.

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