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Defining What Lab Packs Are

Defining What Lab Packs Are

Find out everything you need to know about lab packs.

There are plenty of industries that have to work with chemicals every day. When working with chemicals, it’s not all about knowing how to work with them, but also how to store them as well. When storing chemicals, many companies make use of lab packs, but what exactly are they, and how do they help companies manage all of their chemicals? Find out everything you need to know about lab packs.

What are Lab Packs?

Lab packs are collections of outdated and unwanted chemicals that are stored inside of specially approved containers, as deemed by the DOT, or Department of Transportation. The size of the chemicals stored inside of these containers can range widely, from being as small as two milliliters to as large as five gallons.

Every item within a lab pack must be wrapped with absorbent material so that chemicals can be contained if leaking occurs.

Where are Lab Packs Used?

Lab packs are useful to a variety of different industries. As long as the industry has any old and/or unwanted chemicals that need to be contained, lab packing can be a viable solution. Examples of places that use lab packs include school settings, such as universities and colleges.

How They are Made

To make a lab pack, you need the help of a chemist. The chemist will identify, categorize, and separate chemicals based on regulations that are enforced by the EPA and DOT. All disposal companies have their own requirements as well regarding how chemical waste needs to be handled and transported, so just make certain that you are abiding by all of the necessary guidelines.

Splitting Chemicals into Lab Packs Can Take Time

It’s not easy trying to create lab packs that are compliant with all of the applicable regulations  Once chemicals have been split into packs based on how toxic and hazardous they are, and based on EPA and DOT requirements, an expert on hazardous materials then starts to pack all of the chemicals into containers that are approved by the DOT. Then, as mentioned prior, absorbent materials are placed around these chemicals to contain them even more securely.

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