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How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

Dry Ice Blasting

In commercial and industrial settings, dry ice blasting is very effective at keeping areas clean.

Dry ice blasting is typically used in industrial or chemical plants. It is also a useful technique for keeping large commercial spaces shared by many different people clean and presentable. Think about going to the mall or the store, if you don’t see random spots of sticky gunk on the floor, whether from snacks or accidents involving spilled liquids, then you have seen evidence of dry ice blasting at work.

The Way It Works

Pressure is one of the easiest ways to make dry ice blasting reach its full potential. One significant advantage of using this technique, however, is that there is no wait time necessary. Once the blasting is complete, the area can be walked on almost immediately. There’s no need to wait for drying, which can be a problem with other cleaning methods, especially in situations where time matters. Frozen CO2 is the other key ingredient of making dry ice blasting the best possible method for cleaning substances that otherwise won’t come off that easily. Because the pellets are flash-frozen, like astronaut ice cream, so that anything they touch will freeze as well. Best of all, there’s no cleanup.

Once It’s Done

Once the blasting is finished, there is nothing else that you need to do. The process itself isn’t even that time-consuming. No chemicals are involved so you won’t need to wait for the fumes to dissipate. Since no water is used, you also don’t need to wait for the moisture to be cleaned up or evaporate. And since dry ice doesn’t conduct electricity, you won’t have to worry about electrical hazards endangering your workers or visitors, either. This means that all businesses can get rid of the mess and get right back to business, serving their customers the best way possible. It doesn’t matter if you are a school science lab or a research facility that needs to move into another building – dry ice blasting is the way to go for everyone!


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